Sauerberg For US Senate 2008

This was the official website for the Republican candidate, Dr. Steve Sauerberg,who was running against the Democratic incumbent Dick Durbin in 2008.

Durbin overwhelmingly won re-election and defeated Sauerberg in a landslide.

The content is from the site's 2008 archived pages.







A respected family physician for over 25 years and recognized medical expert, Dr. Steve Sauerberg was born in Berwyn and raised in LaGrange where he graduated from Lyons Township High School. Steve is the son of a stay-at-home mother and a pharmacist who owned three local pharmacies.

After high school, Steve went to MacMurrary College in Jacksonville, Ill. While at MacMurray, Steve was accepted into Rush Medical College’s specialty medical program where he finished his fourth year of undergraduate course work and first year of medical school simultaneously. While in medical school, Steve was inducted into the Alpha Omega Alpha Medical Honor Society, comprised of the top 15% of each medical school graduating class.

After medical school, Steve returned home for his residency at LaGrange Memorial Hospital, where he was appointed chief resident his final year due to his medical skill and proven leadership ability. Steve then served as assistant and, later, associate director of the residency, teaching family medicine for the next four years. Steve started his own family practice in 1985 and today it is one of the most successful family medicine group practices in Chicago’s western suburbs. In addition to his family practice, Steve is a member of the Illinois State Medical Society and the American Medical Association and has been a generous donor to the LaGrange Hospital Foundation.

Steve is committed to giving back to his community. The Sauerberg Family Foundation has been a financial supporter of Habitat for Humanity, Disabled American Vets, Campus Crusade for Christ, the University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse, Indiana University, and MacMurray College. 

A loving husband and father, Steve Sauerberg and his wife Nancy celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary during the summer of 2007. Together they have two adult children, Neal and Laura. The Sauerbergs are active members of the Christ Church of Oak Brook. 

Steve On The Issues



"I oppose amnesty for illegal immigrants. As Senator I will work to

"We must ensure our nation's security while also respecting the human dignity of all the people in our country."  -Steve Sauerberg

Protect Our Borders 
Illegal immigration is one of the biggest challenges we face as a nation. According to most estimates, between 12 and 16 million illegal immigrants are currently in our country and over 700,000 enter America illegally every year. 

  1. Secure our borders. We must triple funding for the U.S. border patrol to stop the flow of those entering our country illegally.
  2. No amnesty. I oppose any effort to reward illegal behavior with amnesty or American citizenship without punitive measures. Dick Durbin's amnesty-first approach would cost taxpayers over $2.6 trillion.
  3. Deport illegal aliens who commit felonies when they finish serving their prison sentence.
  4. All legal immigrants must learn to read and write English. We are a melting pot of many cultures bound together by a common language, and success in our schools and our economy depends on being able to communicate by using the same language.  Those who immigrate to the United States should understand the importance of our history and civics and respect the values of our democratic society.
  5. Share our vision. Impart the knowledge that America is a land of opportunity and optimism for those pursuing a better life through hard work and hope.

These are all the positions that Dick Durbin has voted in favor of:

  • No Border Fence - No Border Security.
  • Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants
  • Taxpayer-Funded Tuition for Illegal Immigrants
  • Social Security Benefits for Illegal Immigrants
  • ** Dick Durbin was even the prime sponsor of legislation that would reward a convicted criminal and illegal immigrant with amnesty!!



"I think we should trust individuals and families with more of their own money. I will be a leader in protecting taxpayers..."

"As a family doctor and lifelong resident of Illinois I understand that high taxes are forcing our families to make extremely tough decisions over their mortgages, college tuitions or something as simple as filling up the gas tank. Dick Durbin's repeated votes to increase our tax burden are only contributing to the problem. We should always trust individuals and families to spend their money better than the government, and I will provide Illinoisans with the leadership necessary to protect Illinois taxpayers and ensure they receive back their fair share from the federal government." 

In order to revitalize the econony, we must:

  1. Make the 2001 and 2003 Tax Cuts Permanent and Continue Saving the Average Illinois Taxpayer Over $2,200 Every Year. With the recent volatility in both the stock and housing markets, we must cut taxes for hard-working families, individuals and seniors. Steve Sauerberg will make the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts, which have saved the average Illinois taxpayer over $2,200 every year since their adoption, permanent! Making these tax cuts permanent would not only put more money in the pockets of Illinois taxpayers, but it would also add over 33,000 new jobs every year to the Illinois economy for the next six years.
  2. Enact the summer holiday gas tax. This will not only decrease the cost of gas, but it will also decrease the cost of food and products whose prices are affected by rising gas expenses. This will enable hard-working families to keep more of their money in their wallets rather than in their gas tanks. 

"We must stand strong and firm and take all steps necessary to protect the families of our great country, ensuring their safety both here at home and abroad..."
Terrorism poses a real threat to American security at home and abroad. Al Qaeda and other Islamic terrorist groups declared war on us well before 9/11 by bombing the USS Cole, murdering 241 American service men and women in Lebanon and attacking our Embassy in Kenya, in addition to other atrocities. We must stay on offense to defeat the global terrorist threat.

Steve Sauerberg's Plan to Keep Us Safe:
  1. Stay On Offense Against the Terrorists Who Want to Destroy Our Way of Life. Terrorists have declared war on us. We must vigorously oppose all regimes that harbor terrorists and fight terrorists abroad so we don't have to do so here at home.
  2. No Timeline for Withdrawal in Iraq. Telling our enemies when we will leave Iraq is the surest road to defeat, which will increase the chaos in the Middle East and give terrorists an open haven in which to train and plan more attacks against us in America.
  3. Support Military Spending and Increase Funding for Covert Intelligence Gathering Operations. To prevent terrorist attacks against us, we must properly fund our military and spy agencies so they can gather the information we need to keep us safe and secure.
  4. Secure Our Borders. 
  5. Keep Weapons of Mass Destruction Out of Terrorists' Hands. Iran must not be allowed to develop nuclear weapons and we must ensure that terrorists do not gain access to Pakistan's nuclear weapons.
  6. Support Israel. Israel is our strongest ally and the only true democracy in the Middle East. We must vigorously support Israel.
  7. Fight for the Benefits Our Brave Soldiers Deserve. Our veterans and active duty military personnel deserve top quality healthcare and increased funding for their education when they return home.
  8. End Our Dependence on Foreign Oil. We must develop alternative energy technology, such as clean coal, solar, wind and natural gas to end the stranglehold that hostile foreign dictators possess over our energy supply and policy.
  9. Protect Afghanistan.  We cannot enable Taliban forces to allow Afghanistan to degenerate into an open haven for terrorists.
  • Voted to Immediately Surrender and Withdraw From Iraq, which would leave the Middle East an open haven for the Islamic terrorists that want to kill us and destroy our way of life.
  • Voted Against a Pay Increase for Our Brave Soldiers
  • Compared Our Military to the Nazi, Soviet and Pol Pot Regimes on the Senate floor!
  • Voted Against Giving Our Border Patrol Officers the Equipment and Support They Need.

"As a family physician and small business owner I see everyday how our healthcare system has become too confusing, too expensive and inaccessible to many Americans..."

Basics of the Sauerberg Your Healthcare - Your Choice Plan 

In order to promote coverage for every American man, woman and child through the private sector, the government must encourage portability, competition, accessibility and individual ownership of quality medical insurance. My plan will decrease healthcare costs and make coverage available to all Americans.

The Sauerberg Your Healthcare - Your Choice Plan 10 Key Principles:

  1. Portability. We must enable individuals and families to maintain their health insurance coverage when they change jobs or residences. Individuals and families must be allowed to purchase the health coverage of their choice in any state and that coverage must be portable to any job in any location.
  2. Competition. To lower costs and improve healthcare quality for individuals and families, a free-market based system should be implemented to allow insurance companies to compete locally, statewide, by region and nationally.
  3. Accessibility. By lowering costs and creating individual ownership, the Your Healthcare - Your Choice Plan will enable all Americans to receive affordable, high quality healthcare.
  4. Individual Ownership Through Tax Rebates and Health Vouchers. The Your Healthcare - Your Choice Plan will provide an individual with a $2,000 tax rebate and families with a $5,000 tax rebate for purchasing health insurance. Health vouchers in the same amount will be given to those who don't pay federal income tax.
  5. Healthy Living Tax Credits. Offer tax credits to individuals whose healthcare costs do not exceed $1,000 per year and families whose healthcare expenditures are less than $3,000 per year.
  6. Simple and Uniform Paperwork. Require all insurance companies to provide only one simple, standard application form and one simple, standard claim form per each type of service.
  7. Physician Disclosure and Accountability. Require physicians to publish their fees to inform and educate patients prior to their treatment.
  8. Penalties for Denial of Coverage by Insurance Companies. Make insurance coverage no longer an "if" by imposing stiff financial penalties on insurance companies who deny coverage as a result of pre-existing conditions.
  9. Ending Frivolous Lawsuits. Establish Administrative Health Courts to reduce the tax burden of crowded state courts, lower healthcare fees and ensure a fair decision making process.
  10. Eliminating Fraud and Waste in Medicare. Create a Medicare and Medicaid Fraud Task Force to eliminate the $60 billion that Medicare and Medicaid fraud costs seniors and taxpayers every year.
Dr. Sauerberg's plan, which relies on private sector solutions and individual responsibility to solve the problems we currently face in our healthcare system stands in stark contrast to Dick Durbin's plan to create a socialized, bureaucrat-driven healthcare system.
  • Dick Durbin, rated America's most liberal Senator by National Journal supports socialized, bureaucrat driven health care.
  • Dick Durbin wants nameless, faceless government bureaucrats to make the life and death decisions that affect you and your family. Dick Durbin has done nothing to stop the rampant Medicare and Medicaid fraud that costs taxpayers and seniors over $60 billion every year.



"It is imperative the federal government, through a bi-partisan effort, live up to its promise and responsibility to protect both our seniors and social security..."

"It is imperative that the federal government, through a bi-partisan effort, live up to its promises and responsibility to protect both our seniors and our Social Security system. We must ensure that Social Security remains solvent for current and future generations of retirees."

In order to ensure the solvency of Social Security, we must:

  1. Create more jobs to fund Social Security benefits. The number of workers per retirees will soon drop to an all-time low of one retiree for every two workers. By creating more jobs via a low tax, business and worker friendly environment, we can increase the amount of money paid into the Social Security system.
  2. Have an honest, bipartisan discussion about the challenges the Social Security faces.  The career politicians in Washington have failed us on this issue. By failing to seriously discuss all options to ensure the solvency of the Social Security system, the career politicians have seriously endangered the Social Security benefits of future generations of retirees.


"I believe that as a nation we need to increase the use of alternative fuels to stop our dependence on foreign oil, increase our domestic oil supply including refining capacity..."


"As a nation, we must increase the use of alternative fuels to end our dependence on foreign oil, increase our domestic oil supply and refining capacity to lower gas prices and continually increase fuel economy standards. We cannot continue an energy policy that relies on foreign dictators and jeopardizes our national and economic security."

1.     Increase research into alternative fuels, especially ethanol, which directly benefits Illinois farmers.  Further utilizing alternative fuels will lower gas prices, bolster the economy, and decrease our reliance on foreign dictators and hostile countries for oil. We can expand technology and conduct this research without funding from tax increases.

2.     Lower gas prices for hard-working American families, who are feeling the impact high gas prices both at the pump and the grocery store. To accomplish this we must:

a.     Increase our domestic oil supply by drilling in ANWR and off-shore.

b.     Stop filling the Strategic Petroleum Reserve.  Currently, the SPR contains enough oil to supply the United States for almost two weeks should a disruption occur. By continually filling the SPR, our government is increasing America’s demand for oil and driving up gas prices.

c.     Increase our domestic refining capacity.

3.     Pursue safe nuclear technology. Illinois is uniquely positioned to be at the forefront of research and productivity regarding safe nuclear power with its six generating stations already available; these power plants are capable of generating enough electricity to power 11 million American homes.



"Clean air and clean water can co-exist with job creation and economic growth. I support the conservation of our resources and the protection of open spaces..."


Steve organized a fundraising effort to help with the cleanup of Lake Michigan after a storm damaged a waste water treatment facility. A Batman fan going way back, he convinced a large retailer - a premium Batman T shirt site, also selling hoodies & sweatshirts, to donate them and other memorabilia which were auctioned at a very well attended event, raising over $30,000 in an afternoon in which all products were sold out within an hour. That stunned his staff since some had questioned the appropriateness of aligning the campaign with any kind of Batman apparel. But it turns out the everyone actually loves Batman and they all want their own Batman t shirt. Turns out that Batman is the ideal hero for those wanting to inspire the cleanup. Who wouldn't want to associate with an ethical model who personifies right and encourages the taking of ethical stands against all odds. Batman is an inspiration and flying his colors, or wearing his shirts, is a statement that everyone understands. The fundraiser was a huge success along with some important positive messaging coming from the combination of an ethical superhero and a political campaign focused on trust and service. Also, the Dark Knight association is one he relishes as an advocate for conservation and preservation of our nations resources.

"Clean air and clean water can co-exist with job creation and economic growth. I support the conservation of our resources and the protection of open spaces."

To protect the environment, I believe we must:

  1. Protect Lake Michigan by restricting the amount of waste dumped into it by manufacturers and municipalities.
  2. Fully fund federal programs geared toward protecting our environment.
  3. Increase fuel economy standards on cars and trucks.
  4. Enhance our nation's rail capacity. Trains are the most efficient means of transporting large amounts of manufactured goods, and the railroad industry has a proven safety record.  In fact, trains are three times more fuel efficient than over-the-road trucks. However, rail companies should share the financial burden for the expenses associated with ensuring railroad traffic does not disrupt suburban life.